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How do I enroll with Patient Ally?
To access Patient Ally's Patient Portal, you must first receive a email from your provider to initiate the set up process. You must then verify some patient questions and validate the identity using the phone on file with the provider. Once you have created a username with a password, you have completed the enrollment process and now may begin using Patient Ally.

What will I need for the sign up process?

  • A valid email they would like to receive PA notifications.
  • A valid phone that they could link to their account.

Is any phone allowed for enrollment?
For new enrollments, the phone number does have to match the providers record. If the patient is just resetting passwords, it is the phone that is linked to the patients account. (Which can be changed within the patient portal)

Why do I have to create a Username?
A username is more relevant to a patient portal account. As emails can change, it makes it more apparent that login credentials are reflecting that of a username.

Can my username be changed?
No. At this time you cannot change your username.

If I forget my Username, how can I obtain it?
If you do not remember the Username, you can click the Recover Username and enter the personal information on the screen. You will receive an email that will contain your username.

If I forget my Password, how can i reset it?
If you do not remember the password, you can click Reset Password, select the type of method to you would like to use to reset your password. Email, Text message, or phone call.

Can I deactivate my Patient Portal Account?
Yes. You can go to Settings page and Click My Account. Here you can deactivate your account. Note that if you deactivate your patient portal account, it cannot be undone.

How do I add a provider to my Patient Ally account?
In order to add a provider to your Patient Ally account, your provider must invite you as a connection using Office Ally’s EHR 247 or Practice Mate application.

Why does my provider show up in the Message section, but not in the Appointments section?
If you do not see your provider listed in a certain feature, this means the provider has chosen not to utilize/support this feature.

Which browsers does Patient Ally support?

  • IE11+ 11.0.40 [v11.0.9600.18617]
  • Chrome [24.0.1312/2013-01-10]
  • Firefox 17+ [17.0.2esr/January 8, 2013]
  • Safari 6+ [6.0.3 /March 14,2013]

Contact Healthcare Provider
For questions regarding your health please contact your healthcare provider. Visit the “My Healthcare Team” section to get your provider’s contact information.

Contact Technical Support
For technical support regarding this website and other non-health related inquiries; please contact us at or 888-PHR-4ALL.